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  1. What the Fuck is this?

    The image is from a movie poster for the Charles Bronson movie: Rider on the Rain. Obviously the fedora and glasses are shopped on. The movie is better than the trailer makes it look, but nothing great either.
  2. #Metoo

    Humor is relative. There are lots of comedians that tell jokes I don't necessarily find funny, but I never get mad about it or think that they shouldn't have told those jokes. I think there is far greater merit in the fact that they were trying to make people laugh, than there is in the arguments from those who get offended by what they said.
  3. #Metoo

  4. #Metoo

    Jokes, by their very nature, are satirical. When censorship is applied, comedy is the first thing to suffer, but far from the last.
  5. #Metoo

    What's wrong with being an asshole for fun sometimes? Especially in the context of a joke? Most of the biggest names in comedy have their entire acts revolve around that premise.
  6. #Metoo

    If I can laugh at this, why not?
  7. #Metoo

    Your argument boils down to "Mel Brooks can do it because he's Mel Brooks." I've already covered most of your point in other posts.
  8. #Metoo

    You asked a question, I provide a solid example that proved my point beyond question, and now you're trying to jump through hoops and backtrack with a special pleading fallacy now that my example pretty much slapped your argument in the face and shoved it into the dirt.
  9. #Metoo

    Why wouldn't it be? Even the most benign of kids jokes almost always center around a misunderstanding, misfortune, or one party or the other involved with the joke being ignorant and/or stupid. The only kind of humor I can think of where some sort of physical or personality flaw isn't involved is puns, and they are a form of misery in their own right.
  10. #Metoo

    Two Words: Blazing Saddles
  11. #Metoo

    What cost? It annoys someone? Boo-hoo. I'm offended by actions, not words. I don't care how many black/white/gay/muslim/rape/sexist jokes someone tells. Especially if they make fun of everyone. If they're focusing a bit too much on one particular group, I might suspect it's a bit more than just humor. Otherwise, who cares? I'm not going to get mad over someone having a laugh when it does me no harm. In fact, all the people I've know who tell the foulest jokes are usually the most fair to everyone and treat others better and with a lot more actual respect than those who get offended easily and complain. It's the ones who get the most upset about comedy that you need to watch out for.
  12. #Metoo

    Because humor takes power away from hateful ideas. You don't really have the moral high ground here you think you do. It's one thing to say something offensive and insensitive to a grieving widow's face. It is something else entirely to say something off color in jest on an open forum. The fact that someone 'sensitive' might see it shouldn't really be of anyone's concern but their own. Sensitive people should know better than to visit open forums on the internet where that sort of thing is known to get posted. It's okay to be an asshole in jest sometimes in a forum like this, but the people who show up to ruin everyone else's fun because their personal sensibilities are triggered are even bigger ones.
  13. #Metoo

    No one has done that. Humor is not advocating, and is often used to belittle ideas like that by making them absurdities. No one has told you to stop posting. There is no discussion if one side is censored and forced to shut up. When that happens it stops being a debate because there is no exchange of ideas, it's just a circle jerk for those happy to be comfortable inside their personal bubbles. Bad ideas don't go away because people who don't agree with them ignore them.
  14. #Metoo

    You're trying and failing to gain the moral high ground here. None of this really matters, nor does it prove my point is incorrect. Insult humor is pretty much the most basic form of comedy. The only form I think might be older would be slapstick. Jokes existed before human history did and have likely existed since language was first formed. From the first time some prehuman pointed out some physical or character flaw in one of their group and the group had a laugh about it. Humor has always been about the misfortune of others or faults in people. It's always about uncomfortable subjects. Humor pretty much universally relies on someone being made uncomfortable, having a pratfall, or being stupid. It's always about faults, flaws, or some form of social disparity. You're trying to drag this into something it's not and have repeatedly shown in this thread that you have no understanding of what comedy is or the valuable purpose it serves.
  15. #Metoo

    Yes. Perhaps not intentionally or directly, but at the end of the day that's what it amounts to.