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  1. Weird Artifact Video

    I dunno. Maybe this. mwc
  2. Matthew 22:21 Jesus said "Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's; and to God the things that are God's. Now this part will make sense later but if it's anyone else, like Kentucky, then fuck'em. Taxes are really just a gun to the head." Weird how I never noticed how that verse really went before. mwc
  3. I have two accounts with them. One Charter Spectrum business. One Bright House Spectrum. And my parents have a Time Warner Spectrum account. I'm getting to where I can sniff them out. I had to have them run new cable from the street to my house. They had to dig out the concrete in my yard to do it since everything here is buried. I finally managed to get rid of most of my problems with them but they still way oversubscribe and lie about it. Having the business account doesn't help with that but it does prioritize my service calls and usually gets me to techs who don't bullshit me (although since the merger this is becoming less common). mwc
  4. Are you getting packet loss? Try a simple program like Ping Plotter and taking a look (let it run a little while). If your modem allows it try logging into it and checking your provisioning and signal levels. Just a guess but is this a Spectrum account? mwc
  5. If you take the same atmosphere and place it around a planet that is 60,000 feet larger in diameter then the atmosphere would become thinner since it has to spread out over that larger area. Much like pouring water from one shape of glass into different shape. You have the same amount just a different shape. Now, as I recall air pressure is something like a 1" column of air measured from the ground to the edge of the atmosphere. So if you start your measurement 30,000 higher you'll wind up with a lower result. It doesn't matter that the whole world is now at this new level because nothing happened with the atmosphere to compensate. Now, I imagine what seems odd here is why doesn't the atmosphere just push out 30,000 feet as well. That's because there's no reason for those gases to do that. They can only go so far. Like if you fill a balloon with helium. It rises above the things that are more dense that it and when it comes to something that is less dense it stops. It can't overcome this. So why would the atmosphere push out? It's already layered. Things would push up but not out. The layers would become denser but that's about it. So you'd wind up with something that would be layered a little more densely but those layers themselves would actually be spread out, or less dense, as they surrounded the larger globe. Since this new atmosphere still pretty much extends the same distance into space as the current one does that would mean that measurements at "sea level" would be like measurements at our 30,000 feet. mwc
  6. Blog about my life in Russia

    Yeah, that looks alright. I still had the disco article open in another tab and either my mind is playing tricks on me or the difference is subtle but effective when comparing them. mwc
  7. Blog about my life in Russia

    I was actually just thinking about the story behind the photo when I asked about that. Like putting a little blurb with the photo or maybe even having some articles come from these sort of photos. There may be some copyright issues if you don't give credit. Although you might need to do something more, with all the photos, to deal this. I imagine the folks around here who actually deal with photography and whatnot might know more about that than I do. I do know this is an issue with article content and why we need to cite sources. So it's probably similar. I don't know how this works in Russia though. mwc
  8. Blog about my life in Russia

    Cool. I'm also wondering if the photos are yours? I'm assuming they are since they're not tagged otherwise. Like for the one where the Russians not smiling. Is that a some random cop? He's just got that look which makes me wonder what was going on there. mwc
  9. Blog about my life in Russia

    Just spotted this and took a look. Read up on the banya. I don't drink or swim so I don't think I'd do so well in that group. A couple things on the site itself. Why is it copyright 2023? And, this is probably for myself only, but I had a little bit of a tough time reading the lighter font color and would benefit from a bit of darker one for a tad more contrast. My old eyes ain't what they used to be. I liked what I read so far and I'm sure I'll finish it all soon enough. mwc
  10. Stop Pet Shaming!

    I was watching TV with my wife and some commercial came on, I think it was a Target ad, and it had some overweight gal in it but when it came to the kids they were all slim. I told my wife "They'll never have overweight kids in these ads because that's considered to be bad but for some reason they send the message that overweight women are okay. It's like telling kids that drinking and smoking is bad until you're old. You have to be skinny while you're young but once you're old enough you can get fat and that's cool." I get that they're advertisers and want to attract customers but the weird mixed messages that are sent out are almost worse than just having pretty people everywhere like they used to do. Maybe this makes people feel better but I don't know that I buy anymore stuff if some guy shows up in the ad that looks like I do. I don't know if I want to buy stuff from me for me. I guess I'm okay buying from pretty boys and it doesn't hurt my self-esteem that I'm not going to ever be one of them. If I have to watch ads I prefer to look at the beautiful people since it gives me a break from my ugly mug that I see every day. Anyhow, my point is that we don't push this sort of aesthetic with kids either. So we're decided that once you've gotten to a certain age, and you're human, that the rules no longer apply and there's such a thing as "fat but fit." I'm far from the healthiest guy in the world, and I'd never advocate for any rules to be forced on everyone, but I do like to call out nonsense and this is clearly nonsense. mwc
  11. You Mean They Were Stealing, Right?

    Based on a quick read of the all the articles (the marketwatch article and the ones it links too...which are much better) the whole thing stems from the waivers the states wanted and got in 2009 just after the big crash. Now they're re implementing the things how they were and dropping people from the roles since jobs are once again available. It's a correction. Expect to see this happen in all the states where waivers were issued and jobs and retraining are now available. Also expect to see this story spun in all sorts of ways to make it seem like something it's not. mwc
  12. I believe in aliens. I believe in UFO's. I don't believe in alien UFO's. mwc
  13. Obamaphones Fraud As High As 65 Percent

    I didn't read the report but if I'm going to guess how this whole system works then I'm going to say that I go to some telecom company, tell them I'm on some government support of some kind, then they give me a lifeline phone. Does that sound about right? So if the lifeline program works like the cable lifeline program does then it's basically a subsidy. The person gets a lower price but not free service. The government then picks up the rest of the bill. It seems to me that being loose with the registration would mean that the telecom service would get money from the subscriber as well as money via the subsidy. I don't know whose job it is to verify eligibility but I would guess it is on the telecom service. So it would appear they simply want to boost their subscriber base and get the subsidy even at the expense of allowing fraud. If they were to do the proper checks and deny fraudulent applications they may be able to convert those into higher paying subscribers but they may not want known attempted frauds joining their ranks so it's better to turn the blind eye and simply take the government dole. It also looks good to have an increasing subscriber base. Minimizing the fraud would be fairly easy if the telecoms chose to do it but it's easier and cheaper, profitable even, to let it slide. mwc
  14. Asshole Makes Me Stand Up In Church

    I never bow my head, close my eyes or fold my hands. None of it. I sit there until they're done and then I eat. Over the years I've been known to grab a bite or two if they go on too long if I managed to dish a little beforehand but usually I wait it out. I find it bizarre to watch a whole group of people sit there with their heads down and eyes closed talking out loud to who the fuck knows as if it somehow matters. There's no way to really respect that. Playing along isn't the same as respect unless respect in this sense is simply showing a courtesy in an effort to be polite. If we are talking this sense then I know most of these people expect this sort of courtesy but would never repay it. They wouldn't play along, to show respect, in a home where another religion was practiced. Would they go along in a prayer to Allah? Some Hindu god? Their god won't allow that. They'd abstain. So why give them the courtesy? mwc
  15. Good for them. Christ is going to need a lot of virgin sell to Mohammad to give away to those guys looking for their 72 virgins. These gals have to come from somewhere and we know jesus isn't exactly the marrying kind. mwc