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  1. Well, only 5 years left for me. That should make my wife optimistic so she'll live forever. mwc
  2. "...someone official in the community..." Pastors? That's some funny shit. Society is fucked up. mwc
  3. Here's what usually happens in more moderate churches when you leave... That's right a big heaping bowl of nothing. The other thing that might happen is you'll get a call, after some period of time, with someone talking about how they're concerned about you and a bunch of other crap. What this means is they finally noticed that you haven't been putting money in the plate and you should come around and do that. Don't bother telling them nothing. All the stuff they do is to keep you hanging-on plain and simple. mwc
  4. Back in my xian school days sexual activity, much less a pregnancy, would have meant expulsion along with the withholding of that semesters (if not that years) grades. Hell, way back in the 6th grade when we did the little "graduation" to move to junior high they had some issue with me and withheld my little diploma. They stuck it too me then by agreeing to let me go through the ceremony with everyone else, which sound gracious enough, but put all the diplomas out front for everyone coming in to see. They were stack nicely in a pile. They were all a little off-white color, except mine, which was right on top, bright white, totally blank and had my named clearly written along the edge. So everyone could see this thing sticking out like a sore thumb and looked right at it. They all knew who got the blank piece of paper when names were called. My xian school excelled at dick moves like this. I was constantly causing shit as a result. My last year in the xian school they tried expelling me for something I didn't do but that didn't matter to them. They tried withholding my grades too. It was only because the principle had a gun on campus (that he pointed at the secretaries while "play shooting" them that I personally witnessed) that gave me the leverage to stay out the little time left in the year and keep my grades. When you enter one of these private schools, at least when I did, you and your parents sign a contract that gives these people total control of your life both on and off campus. If they catch you doing something that violates their rules, anywhere, then they can take punitive action. It might be a bit more lenient now but it almost seems this girl is getting off pretty easy (don't confuse the terms "easy" with "fairly"). mwc
  5. Some time age I saw a good case made for Gaius Caesar but I'd be inclined to say that the Revelation as we have it means for Nero to be the beast. I tend to be one of the crowd that thinks that this is an original Jewish document that got a xian makeover over time. mwc
  6. Ars Technica So the FCC has started down the path to kill off net neutrality and pave the way for a brave new internet where the big players get the bandwidth and the small players get choked out if they can't pay to play. This is has the very real potential to reshape the net in a shitty, non-innovative, way. mwc
  7. Doesn't it have to be something like that? Otherwise an actual god would be around doing things. mwc
  8. Shit all over Big foot just because you two have never gotten along. He was right about that Yeti bitch and I bet he's right about this too. I will grant you he does go a little over the top on the alien nonsense but otherwise he's pretty reliable. mwc
  9. All things *are* possible with god. But it must be god's will, not our will, for that thing. While that means that we can ask for all things we will only receive those things that are in alignment with god's will at that time. So while we might ask for things that are clearly things that god would want god might not want it at the very same moment that we want it and so it appears, from our point of view, that we get nothing, when it reality we receive that thing when the time is right. When the timing is just right, and aligned with god's, we can witness some truly amazing things but when the timing is off, from our perspective, it appears like nothing or bad things happen. mwc
  10. Big Foot told me ghosts are real and he heard that straight from the Loch Ness monster who actually saw one. mwc
  11. I was taught pretty much everything this guy said in Baptist school. I totally accepted it, believed it and repeated it throughout my life. It made perfect sense that god would do this sort of thing and we shouldn't mess it all up. But if a person is going to get an abortion after a rape isn't this something god should know? Or at least be able to take into account after the fact and have a Plan B in mind? I mean, someone gets raped, has an abortion, and god's like "Well, I guess we're all shit of luck since that's all I had planned and I can't do this again in a non-rapey way." Seems that when god asked if someone was up for a raping they were usually cool with it. What happened to that? An old-fashioned pre-rape notification angel? I guess that just wasn't rapey enough and he changed it. mwc
  12. The reason the bodies were taken down was for the sabbath (in this case Passover), so as not to offend the Jews, not because they appeared to be dead. Leaving the bodies up was sort of the point after all. If we accept what we're told in the story it was Joseph of Arimathea who petitioned for the specific body. In any case the Romans couldn't leave until everyone was dead. That was their job. So we're told they broke the legs of the thieves to hurry them along. Then we have jesus. They needed him dead too. Before sunset otherwise he'd be hanging around on the sabbath. We're told his legs weren't broken. So he could have died naturally (from all the torture to that point that is). Or he could have died from the stab wound. Most think this went to his heart. But it would seem strange that a Roman would simply guess and not be certain that he was quite dead. They could have hit his chest, causing a heart attack, but we're told about the spear instead. The point here being they didn't take chances. They made sure people were dead. Cases where they might not be able to is in a mass crucifixion situation where there are simply too many people to monitor. Now, Josephus does tell us about crucifixion survivors so we know it can happen. But Josephus himself is the one that petitioned for their release and is how they got care. They weren't mistaken for dead and whisked away to parts unknown to be cared for by a group of dirt poor fugitive illiterate fisherman. Is it possible for such a thing to happen? Maybe. I can't say it's entirely impossible but it seems improbable. I would be worried about infection considering all the large wounds we're told he had (not just the crucifixion wounds but the torture beforehand that would have wrecked his back). We can just look back at more recent times, such as Civil War times, where lesser wounds would easily kill a person in short order and Civil War medicine was far more advanced than what first century Judea had to offer. If jesus was in such shock that he didn't react to a spear entering his torso I would imagine that he'd be nearly impossible to for any of those involved to provide any medicinal help to especially if the gospel stories are true and this group truly believed in what amounted to faith healing. Simply praying over a person in this condition would more than likely finish what the Romans started. mwc
  13. You don't need proof for god. You just need proof for any of that nonsense. And it just doesn't come. No god. No angels. Good or bad. Tell Satan you're ready to sign your soul away. Does he ever appear? Nope. He's not interested either. After all this shit over wars for souls and when one is just laying there legs spread ready for either side to come get it, first come first served, wouldn't you know no one comes a'calling. Suddenly your super sexy soul gets swiped left on the supernatural Tinder. mwc
  14. I heard about this a few days back. He's not practicing engineering in Oregon. He doesn't live there. He's not working or operating a business there. I might have a different opinion if any of these things were the case. This just looks like a case of the guys he wrote to just want to shut him down for whatever reason(s) and they're using this law to do it. I hope he wins his case. mwc
  15. Sin? Like how we're all simply born tainted with an sticky coating of "original sin" that just won't wash off? That sort of thing? Or sin like in Genesis 4 " 7 If you do what is right, will you not be accepted? But if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must rule over it."? Where god actually defines it as something that people can overcome on their own? Unless god is lying here? And people can't ever rule over do right or overcome sin since "original sin" simply prevents it and this warning is effectively useless barring a human-form sacrifice of himself? Maybe sin is more like what we see in James? " 14 but each person is tempted when they are dragged away by their own evil desire and enticed. 15 Then, after desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, gives birth to death." He doesn't seem to believe that sin is something we simply have but something we create. It's similar to what god says in Genesis. Cain has evil desires but he hasn't yet crossed the line to sin and god warns him away. James says the same sort of thing here. At this point it's hard to figure out exactly what is a sin and what is not. If death is the only way to know then that's not a good system. No amount of belief in forgiveness has prevented a single death to date. If conversion fixes all this then I have to ask, conversion to what? What specifically does this conversion entail? mwc