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  1. Yes. We're all bound by it. You've doomed us all by posting this here. Why didn't you post the verse that simply said that all humanity was good to go with no strings attached with no other special requirements or silly beliefs required? You know the one: "For god so loved the world that he simply forgave everyone forever, for everything, always and never asked for nor wanted, much less required, anything in return. The End." Hmm...I just looked...I guess it's not in there. Never mind. What's odd is people like your version of god better than mine and they're equally fictional. mwc
  2. I skipped around through it. It appears to be the story of Sea Peoples and what people tend to call the "Aegean Apocalypse" (usually to sensationalize) that took place around 1200 BCE. The tl;dw (too long;didn't watch) was the Sea People is an unknown group of people, like pirates (or mercenaries), that overtook a large number of societies. When they finally came for Egypt Rameses III was waiting and put and end to them. After that we see civilizations start to flourish again. The reasons the Sea Peoples came to exist is unknown and a bunch of theories are bandied about. Drought. Famine. Unemployment. So on and so forth. These things were always going on back then just like now and people were always moving around as a result (borders were a little easier to cross as opposed to now but it still happens). mwc
  3. This ain't a no miracle it's an abomination. God clearly didn't want these people to have kids and yet they used every means at their disposal to go against His will. It's a slap to god's face is what it is. mwc
  4. Have you seen new studies like this one? mwc
  5. I thought the problem was with nuance. It's a difficult thing to have in discussions nowadays. Shades of gray has given way to black or white. So if people want to point out the flaws in Islam then, instead of shades of gray, it's used as a black and white wedge issue. So others are left to take a similar approach. An all or nothing approach. It keeps people from getting to common ground even if common ground exists between them. mwc
  6. People hate him because he's so damn sexy and literate. mwc
  7. I don't care to see the Disney live action remake money grabs. I do think it's odd that this woman seems to overlook the fact that pretty much everything she's ever watched in her life has had some number of gay people involved but apparently an on-screen crush is over the line. Whatever. I guess it's up to her, as (from what I can tell) a black woman to come to terms with the idea that it's okay for a certain class of people to work on something but never to seen and be told it's not okay if they try to come out of the shadows. mwc
  8. You missed my point. That's okay. We're not talking about guns anyhow so I'm not trying to hard to make it. mwc
  9. Yep. Just like I thought. My Constitution is an old copy. It doesn't have any of that. Oh well. I'm going to switch back to talking about prostitutes now like we were asked to do. mwc
  10. Where in the Constitution does it mention that those rights don't apply to criminals? I must have an old copy because I can't find it. mwc
  11. Aren't some of your questions akin to those that are asked when people want to legalize pot? They want to know what this will do to stop the rest of the drug use? Like heroin and so on? But the issue is really only pot. It's not meant to really address all those other issues. People who want to use heroin will use heroin. Those things will stay illegal. But pot will become legal and regulated. It's the pot users that will stop being arrested. The pot dealers that will have legal recourse. And so on. The problems with the others will sadly remain. And there will be unintended consequences in the newly legalized field. Because, surely, people visiting now legal sex workers will likely bring these problems home and divorces will certainly happen as a result. No one wants households torn apart but I don't know if more people will engage in this behavior simply because it's legalized. Meaning, if they're going to cheat I don't know if it's some law that's holding them back. Cheaters gonna cheat. Legal or not. They may just try to justify it by saying it's legal but their spouse doesn't have to accept that answer. mwc
  12. Not to make this into a gun debate but the 2nd amendment doesn't say anything about criminals or the like. So if you want to read it so that you're to be allowed to have military weapons then you also have to accept that criminals, or any others deemed undesirable, are also to be allowed to have the same. mwc
  13. I don't care. I voted Libertarian. I'd rather have a happy stoner than any of the others. So if you think you're making some point to me by trotting out Hillary, well, you're not. The issue here is Trump is an idiot that inflicts wounds on himself. I don't need the media to tell me anything because does it himself. He won't shut up. He's the moron at the card table that thinks he can get everyone else to fold when he's the one that's got all the tells in the world. He's been called and it's time to show his hand. mwc
  14. Talk to Trump about Hillary. He's the one that did a 180 on "Lock her up!" Perhaps he had no evidence? He seems to run low on that stuff. mwc
  15. What does that have to with anything? Hillary? Holy shit. She and Obama are just the fucking bane of your existence. She ain't the one that keeps shooting herself in the foot here. Trump did this to himself. He made the tweets. Today is the day that Trump had to present evidence. Evidence of anything. I don't care what he thought "wiretapping" meant at this point. He was supposed to present evidence for it. Not another explanation of something. Not a new definition. That's not evidence. If he thought his microwave took pictures then he needs his microwave that takes pictures. If he think pigeons reads his mind. Then he needs a mind-reading pigeon. I don't care what he brings as long as it's evidence of his claims. But he came up empty handed. Unless you count excuses. Then he came with an abundance. Now the DOJ is looking for an extension since no evidence has turned up. Nothing. Nada. Zip. So he either has to show the evidence or recant his accusation. It's really that simple. mwc