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  1. Most modern religions are composed of denominations, sects and/or cults, each of which differs from the others to varying degrees. It is not surprising at all that some sects within Christianity will align in part with White Supremacists due to commonly taught beliefs of being special and being chosen and the indoctrinated fears of xenophobia and other human gene pools.
  2. Those facts would tend to skew the analysis. So, perhaps a better (i.e., more accurate) question is: "What is the most read book?" Well, that might not work because most readers of the Bible treat it more as a reference book, reading only parts of it and not reading it cover to cover (and leaving aside the issue that the Bible is a collection of many books and letters). So, perhaps the better better question is: "What is the most read book cover to cover?" Rats, that won't work either because there are now many sources of information other than books. So, perhaps the better better better question is: "What is the most popular source of information about a subject, thorough enough to equal a book on that subject?"
  3. Chorus line from a Mose Allison song" "Your mind is on vacation but your mouth is working overtime."
  4. How do you define "friend"? What makes up a friendship?
  5. Regardless of who wrote the Pauline Epistles, and I do agree that is an important set of inquires, the content of all of them contain typical religious dogma based on unsupported mere assertions, the author's personal opinions and polemics attacking perceived enemies.
  6. Ad hoc reasoning
  7. While I agree with your observation that theists (i) typically have a strange definition for the terms "proof" and "evidence" and (ii) often attempt to shift the burden of proof, I disagree with your statement, "you can't prove there is NOT something." In many circumstances, a negative can clearly be demonstrated. Of course, it depends on the nature of the negative claim. If it is limited it can often be addressed. If it is unlimited it usually can't. For example, if I claim is, "There is a German Shepard dog in my living room", you can inspect the room and find evidence of whether that dog is there or not there. So, if that person says, "Prove the dog is not there", you can do so. We can each come up with thousands of example of limited negative claims that are completely subject to verification. On the other hand, a claimant who states, "My God exists...prove that He doesn't", is a different type. It is not limited to the living room, or the Earth, etc. In those cases, the maxim, "That which is asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence" applies. Note that the maxim is not mandatory (hence the "can be dismissed" not "must be dismissed") because the listener can chose to dismiss the claim without evidence or accept the claim without evidence.
  8. Christian apologists often lie, misrepresent and are duplicitous. Some are worse than others. Don't trust them...even for an inch.
  9. As an intellectual exercise, consider the following task: List all the things, events, attributes and properties that must exist in reality a priori before this hell you speak of can also exist in reality.
  10. Dr. Robert Price has written a rather good book refuting Lee Strobel's claims and arguments: The Case Against the Case For Christ: A New Testament Scholar Refutes the Reverend Lee Strobel
  11. Still, things may change in the future. I suggest you take a benevolent intellectual, emotional and psychological high ground and see what happens. Set clear boundaries regarding the religious stuff, don't burn secular bridges, do nothing further, and wait. Perhaps your friend will approach you later with questions or thoughts that you choose to deal with. Perhaps not.
  12. The actual evidence demonstrates otherwise. Human societal norms provides for forgiveness of wrongful acts, either on the individual level or the community level. Accordingly, reality differs from your belief.
  13. No one else? Do you believe the the human recipient of that harm has standing?
  14. Pure religious dogma. Who has standing to grant forgiveness? Obviously, in the case of an immoral and harmful act by one human against another, the recipient of that harm has standing. Other humans have it too, although that is secondary to the person who experienced the harm. Whether or not the causer of that harm has a "moment of conversion" into your particular religion is not relevant to whether the recipient of that harm will, or will not, offer forgiveness. They may do so. They may not. Your statement, besides being pure religious dogma, is quite wrong. You have left out the humans affected by immoral and harmful acts. Once again, you demonstrate shallow, narrow and myopic thinking.
  15. Are you entirely sure that this friend will not adjust to your disclosure to him of your Ex-Christianity? If he doesn't, then you can choose to limit or eliminate contact with him. If, on the other hand, he said something like, "You know, I've been thinking the same thing but I've been hiding from others because I am afraid of how they will react and treat me", then you may have things to talk about.