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  1. Micro Aggressions, a Lack of Sacrifice

    Word salad, although your brevity is appreciated.
  2. I can see you are woefully deficient in punctuation skills. If you expect others to read what you write, please have the courtesy to write with correct punctuation, grammar and format. Thank you.
  3. Please View The Eclipse Safely

    I'm heading about 40 miles south and 15 miles west tomorrow to camp on a friend's farm for Monday's Eclipse. At that spot (Dallas, OR) we'll have 1 minute and 50 seconds of totality. I'm bringing both of my telescopes and two binos for stargazing on Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday nights, but they won't be used for the eclipse because I don't have a solar filter for either scope.
  4. Joefizz/Joseph

    Welcome to the Ex-C forum. I suspect at least some of your curiosity will be addressed if you read though some threads here and there. I do not have any questions for you at the present time.
  5. Request regarding registration

    Have you considered the possibility of user error, i.e., you affirmatively provided the link to your avatar during the Ex-C registration process?
  6. I don't think the law is inconsistent, just nuanced. You are attempting to equate federal constitutional law and a particular state's statutory law. You are also confusing the terms "person", "citizen" and "human being". They are not the same. I did not say, and neither does the Constitution say, that a fetus is not a human being. It says a fetus is not a person or citizen. Just because a state criminalizes harm to a fetus does not make the fetus a person or citizen. State laws also criminalize harm to animals such as dogs and cats. That does not give dogs or cats the status of person or citizen under the Constitution. If a human fetus was a "person" then it would be afforded Constitutional protections, such as due process before its life is taken. That simply does not happen in the case of abortions. Indeed, if a fetus was a "person" then abortions would not be legal.
  7. The US Constitution, as amended, protects persons and citizens, not fetuses or unborn human beings. Fetuses and unborn human beings are neither a person or a citizen under the US Constitution, as amended. Unborn humans are indirectly protected via States Rights, i.e., when a State's rights exceed the rights of a pregnant woman.
  8. Ex-C losing popularity

    Many (most?) forum-type sites such as Ex-C are experiencing less traffic these days. The reason, in large part, is the growth of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.
  9. Some Light Entertainment For The Lions

    Hey BAA, why don't you invite AV1611VET, master of information (and no doubt little shit), over here to strut his stuff? That would be entertaining. We need a new chew toy.
  10. Some Light Entertainment For The Lions

    Although it is certainly shocking, while being interesting and pathetic at the same time, to observe granular details of yet another religious nutter masturbating on the internet, I suspect time could be better spent. Poster AV1611VET, from that other site, is merely propagating memes, most for which are not likely to survive. Fortunately, he is not capable of infecting the biological gene pool with his nonsense.
  11. Yes, myth. Myths, legends and fables often have an element of reality in them, such as a certain person, place or event. Jesus may have actually existed. Nevertheless, nearly all of the stories that developed around him are considered by many, including Bart Ehrman, as myths. How about you? Have you concluded that many of the stories surrounding Jesus are myths?
  12. You aren't a Christian, so what are you?

    I've usually responded to such questions (e.g., "What are you?") with the canned response, "None of the above". It's a bit of a joke, and it can stimulate further conversation, such as: Person: "What do you mean by that?" Me: "Make a list and place 'none of the above' at the bottom of your list. Most likely, my choice will be at the bottom of your list."
  13. Moral law

    Perhaps to yourself, but not for anyone else. Good. You can now exit this thread. Yes, your ad hoc ramblings are often incomprehensible.
  14. Moral law

    That would be a good first step, and given the content of many of the posts in this thread, a needed step. Suggestion: Define it as a simply noun, i.e., not as an adjective (as in "moral law") and not modified with an adjective (as in "universal morality").
  15. Well, carbon-based life on Earth certainly has accelerated local entropy.