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Is The Bible God, Truely All Knowing All Powerful, All Seeing, And Everywhere?

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Posted 14 October 2010 - 01:53 AM

Refer to title.

Is the idea of being omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient and all the other all's attributed to the christian god, actually bible based.

I have have heard the term maximal power used to refer to the christian god, but if he just has the most power, what makes him any different the superman, how could he truly be a god, and not just some jackoff superhero. If some situation then god can't fix, not by his own doing, why allow what he can't fix to happen?

I am curious, is the idea bible based, that god is all various things. And what make a god, god, if that is not true?
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Posted 14 October 2010 - 05:27 AM

It's a fairly recent understanding that requires deities to have all the omni attributes. Most deities in pagan religions had limitations to their knowledge, power and presence. There are indications to the vastness of God in the omni attributes but of course it never is spelt out. It's simply inferred. Some more extreme Arminian positions today reject God's omniscience and simply believe he is very good at predicting the future based on his majestic wisdom. I think they are all under the branch of what is called "Open Theism". As for God's omnipotence I have heard it that he is all powerful so far as it is logical. I've also heard (using some weird system of logic) that God can at the same time create a rock so big he can't lift it and at the same time lift the said rock.

As for Biblical arguments for the omni attributes, here is an excerpt of my statement of belief regarding theology proper back when I was in Bible college (Can't find link):

I believe God is Omnipresent; that is God is present everyplace within His creation. (Psalm 129:8; Jeremiah 23:23-24).
I believe God is Omniscient; that is I believe He knowseverything that had and will have had happened (Isaiah 46:10; Acts 15:18).
I believe God is Omnipotent; that is I believe there's nothing He can't do except what goes against His own nature (Matthew 19:26;Revelation 19:6).

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