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A devout Christian gets cancer........


God will only send what He knows the pious can handle 

Gods ways are not our ways

God is calling Him home


A devout Christian loses his job......


God will send him a new opportunity

God is giving him the chance to change direction

God knows that the job lost was not right for the believer 


A devout Christian wants to start a family but is infertile......


God has chosen a different path for her 


A militant atheist wins the lottery....


God has given him his reward now so that when he goes to hell his suffering will be even sweeter for the Lord.


A born again type loses his home and ends up on the street....


God is testing him, or punishing him like Job. If he truly believes, God will return to him....


Etc, etc, etc.....


No matter what, there are countless reasons why everything is Gods will.


Why can't they take their blinkers off and just accept that He isn't there.



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When bad things happen to a Christian it's because God if testing them. Kind of like Job. God is just checking to make sure you're going to trust Him during the bad times too. It's just God's way of making a believer stronger & more dependent. 


Trust & obey, just trust & obey & everything will be okay.  :notworthy: :jesus:

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"god loves you!"


So, if I come to the conclusion that a being does not exist because said being has provided no conclusive evidence of it's existence, I will be tortured forever - but god loves me?

What the FUCK?


If I have a problem with horrific treatment of mankind by god, both past and present, I will go to hell, but god loves me?

What the FUCK?


I will be punished for 2 people enjoying sex/knowledge (fruit from the tree) eons ago unless I take on a major guilt trip, but god loves me?

What the FUCK?

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I have a personal hatred of Psalm 14 "A fool has said in his heart there is no god".  It just shows the inbuilt defence of any counter argument. No attempt to discuss or learn, just label anyone who disagrees as a fool and stick your fingers in your ears.  

It does make me think that being an atheist was a choice way back then, I always thought the world was christianised until modern times but obviously there was disagreements back then.

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The favorite one I always heard was, "God is building your character, making you more Christlike."  Didn't matter what bad thing happened - death of a loved one, lost your job, miscarried a pregnancy, house burned down, got divorced - it literally covered every possible scenario, so how could you complain?  

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