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The non-apologetic point of view, at least mine anyhow, is God is a colossal dick and not worthy of my praise. 

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As far as what the actual term 'evil' might mean, I don't think either point of view can be proven right or wrong (believer or nonbeliever) because there are so many meanings the Hebrew word can have (morally evil, disaster, etc). 


That said, the word evil is used in opposition to the word good ('well-being' in Hebrew). Well being doesn't really have connotations of moral evil, well being means things like hearty, hale, healthy, whole, robust, etc. So it seems to me that evil used in this context means disaster, calamity, misery, etc, and only to the person who is rebellious against God. I don't think it is about creating evil in a moral sense. It's more similar to 'Dis-ease' being in opposition to 'Ease' than evil being in opposition to good. At least that's what I think.

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