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Moving On

So it's getting close to a year or so when I discovered this place and not much longer after that when I became a member. This community has truly been a family to me during this time of leaving my faith behind. Thank ya'll for reading my posts and responding as always with empathy and understanding as well as opinions. Ex-C really is a great community.   I feel right now that it's time that I move on from this place and take a leave from here for a while. This has nothing, absolutely nothing,




So in light of all of the changes that are going on right now, I decided to learn about the origins of life, the earth, etc. I've grown up on the standard creation story from the Bible but I just don't really buy it anymore. During high school and college I never paid attention in science class and as a result have always considered myself rather stupid in that regards. Here's the thing. I'm far from stupid. In fact, I'm a big ole nerd in the academic sense. While I excel at learning foreign lan



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