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Mr Bradlaugh

Charles Bradlaugh was an English atheist of the 19th century. In fact he could perhaps be considered THE English atheist of his time. He stormed across the UK, a giant of the free thought movement. Clever, brave with a large heart and a mind as strong as steel, he caused despair and worry among the faithful.   His knowledge of the Bible was deep and profound. He had the ability to show just how error riddled it was and would debate those claiming to follow it in front of very large and spell b



The Damage The Faith Does

In the early 90's I had the first of my nervous breakdowns. My mind was racing with out of control thoughts.....I was so ill and less than 24 hours after my first symptoms developed, I found myself in the care of the local mental health hospital and my medicated lead recovery was slow and painful. I remember being taken to the local village by a member of staff (we walked), by body had a reaction to the meds and seized up and I had to crawl back on my hands and knees as my muscles would not wor



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