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Pardon me

But I have a message for all religions:   Worship responsibly. Stop trying to legislate your morals on everyone else, stop trying to force your beliefs into the education system (Creationists, I am talking to you!), and above all else, stop killing people in the name of God.   I don't care about religion at all. In fact, truth be told, I would rather avoid it.   I am beginning to work on a book called "Worship Responsibly." I hope with it I can bring some sense into organized religion,



Religious rant copied from my LJ

As of late, I have noticed that Dubya has complained a lot of legislating from the branch I happen to feel that there is a bigger problem to worry about.   Legislating from the pulpit. This notion that the religious should have any control over the US Government, and that they should be free to use their religion to codify law. That is not their right to do. I don't care that the majority is supposedly Christian (tyranny of the majority is still tyranny). I consider the Bible to be a book wri



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