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and other forms of literature.

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My Posts On Ex-c

Sometimes I get very obsessive about my posts on the forums. Maybe I said the wrong thing or shouldn't have said it in that way or I could have said it differently or maybe I shouldn't have said it at all. I obsess over my posts and it takes awhile before I drum up the courage to look at the thread and see how people have responded. Usually, the posts I obsess about the most get buried in with everyone elses or the response is positive.   I think I'm neurotic.   Taph



The Apostates Song

Darkness fades into the light of present glow of twilights flight Awaiting all on bended knee in hope for some epiphany   All understanding drifts into the faith abyss forwarding all our sanity into Christianity   Experience of joy defiled Myth and legend reconciled As truth the saints believe Instructions to deceive   Finding truth in doubt Is all that Hell’s about Enslavement by it’s definition Brings the doubters to contrition   Shades of red in sky’s morni



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