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Text Message Apologetics: What's In A Name?




News of the Day: My friend MJ finally had her fucking kid. A precious bundle of uncircumcised fake Jewish joy, complete with a really obscure Hebrew name. Bleh.


Anyway, we had a conversation via text today and she went there. Oh yes she did! Just had to throw the whole "you don't believe so..." excuse for not answering my questions as to why it was such a big deal to give her son a hideous name that will be mispronounced for the rest of his life. Here ya go, ex-cs...


*Note: I didn't include much of her replies because I want to respect her privacy. Basically, you can go check out my "Judaism and Crap Theology" thread on The Lion's Den subforum, first post, click "show" to see her portions of the email convo we had a couple of weeks ago. Same shit, just in abbreviated form and centered around her newborn son.


In which seven77 has something to say that isn't very nice:





Basically, she named her son *insert really Jewish name here* because she wants him to be "legit for G-d".




Yet she fails to understand that her son will never truly think for himself if she crams this whole "we're Messianic Gentiles/Kinda Jewish" thing down his throat from birth. Freedom to question everything = the option of questioning faith, which we all know that believing parents are unlikely to encourage.





Faith is a personal decision. Hmm...yes, it is. But how many ex-cs only went along with the program because their parents/guardians/friends were in the program as well? Seriously, she just can't grasp the whole "fear of G-d" thing either. If you don't fear G-d's wrath, then why are you staying in the fold? Ah, because you have made a personal decision to believe that none of bad shit in the Bible exists or applies to you and yours. It's all love and sunshine and Yeshua patting your back...




My last response proves that I am capable of taking the moral high road at times. I did say something smartass after that, but I cut it out because it had too much personal info in it.




I am tired of butting heads with MJ. She's a nice person but I wish she'd quit bringing up the faith thing if she doesn't want to discuss it or be challenged by it. I have been disrespectful in the past but that doesn't mean that my interest is insincere in the present. I tried to back away from the friendship a couple of months ago and I thought that we had parted ways more or less. Nope. As soon as she started her maternity leave, she wanted to be friends again. Then she jumps ship whenever I challenge her chosen spiritual path.




/rant over.



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