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The Future And Its Distractions




I've been trying to come up with an idea for my 2014 NaNo Project. I did semi-autobiographical stuff in 2012 and LGBT YA in 2013. I really wanted to do speculative fiction this year, or spec-fic for short. Speculative fiction is basically riffing on the future, theorizing about what will happen and why a certain chain of events may happen. I like that sort of thing.


I'm a bit of a futurist. I am not heavily into Kurzweil's works, but I do enjoy thinking about AI, nanotech, genetics and how VR and increased connectivity will shape the times to come. As I have watched my nieces and nephews grow up, I wonder what kind of world they will live in. Here in the US, things are getting sort of bumpy. The astounding levels of debt, the seemingly endless wars, increasing stratification of the populace, less social mobility, the uptick in diagnosed mental illness and the increasing amount of just plain stupid people is disturbing to me.


Anyway, I was thinking about feminism and how it will look in the future. That's when I got an idea for a novel. I started writing and 6 pages later, I had a fairly solid essay that I think will be promising for a novella or maybe a novel. I did a rough chapter outline for the book in the doctors office yesterday as I waited for my mother. So much going on there, I'm excited. It's one bright spot in the forest of darkness that has been my life recently.


I'm posting this blog, thinking that maybe someone will read it and throw me some ideas based on my chapter titles. I'll start a thread next week if I'm still feeling this idea as strongly.

  • The Obsolete Feminine: Speculative Feminism of the Future and Its Possible Results
  • Mechanical Messiahs, Robot Lords, and Connected Collective Conscious: Nullifying Faith and Organized Religions
  • Universal Income: An Economic Transition Tactic
  • Self-Regulation: Population Reduction and Management
  • Embracing Technology: The Logical Course of Action
  • Wild Humanity and Other Forms of Resistance: Why Resistance Is Futile and Ill-Advised
  • Evolve or Die: Two Paths to the Future
  • Increasing Quality, not Quantity
  • Extension of Childhood, Adolescence, and Early Adulthood, Not Adding Years to the Elderly End

So which topics, if any, would any of my fellow ex-c's be most interested in reading? I've already written ~3.5k words of "The Obsolete Feminine". It's a rambling piece thus far, but it captures many of my ideas regarding feminism. I will share it if anyone would like to beta read it. Would post it here, but it would just be a wall of text. Maybe I'll post in the Creative Works forum if anyone wants to read it?



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I'd be interested in whatever you write. The Creative Works forum would be good. I would also appreciate any advice you have for staying motivated to write amidst increasing personal life turmoil (which generates mostly from other people in one's life). I'd like to try NaNoWriMo, but I have to juggle a lot of other stuff right now...

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