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Dieting - Why Looks Can Be Deceiving




In one of more more serious attempts, I went and saw a dietician who gave me some good advice on what to eat and drink. Nothing that can't be found online of course, but I think hearing it from someone whose job it is to know about these things is reassuring no doubt. The main thing thing I took away from our conversations was the amount of energy you take in matters more than the type of energy you take in.


To expand upon this, I'm sure most of us know about the documentary where a man lived off purely McDonalds for a month I believe and by the end of it he was feeling really terrible and had quite bad side effects. The thing about this documentary is that this has never been replicated. In fact, many people have gone on to show you can lose weight even through eating only eating McDonalds.


How is this possible? Well, my dietician explained it this way: We all need a certain amount of fuel to run. Too much fuel, and we start depositing fat. Too little fuel, we begin to lose it and given enough time and severity we simply die. He explained how many people when they begin to diet try changing out "bad food" with "good food". Juice instead of soda, fruit instead of chocolates and sweets and so on and so forth. The problem is that the energy you get from both types of foods can be comparable.


Just this morning I was looking at the bottle of coke I have in the fridge and compared it to the bottle of juice that I have. I knew from what my dietician told me that fruit juice and things like gatorade were pretty bad but I never bothered to compare them myself. I found to my amazement that my apple juice actually was worse than coke. If anything, I was expecting it to be a fair bit better, if not just a tiny bit. I have found in my investigations that the "healthier" alternatives are hardly healthier at all.


So, more important than switching out bad for good is to "count your calories". If you count them, even when making "bad" choices, if you keep a deficit you will lose weight. Anyways, the theory part is hella easy. Putting it into practice is what I've always struggled with :) 2 days and counting though, let's try to get to a month eh? :)


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I disagree, I think it's good to reduce carbs, esp. refined carbs, and eat protein with every meal.  Along with reducing overall calories.  But he's right about the basic energy equation. And I think it's great that you are seeing him.  I'm sure it will help.  Don't be fooled by "low fat" or "light" options - they have usually upped the carbs and sugar, which ups the calories.

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