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Neat name for myself...




My japanese name is 秋本 Akimoto (autumn book) 明 Akira (bright).

Take your real japanese name generator! today!

Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.


I really like how that sounds... very earthy and wiccan. The image of a bright light(of hope as I see it) and a nice serene brook is very idealistic and powerful for me. You could say it's also the meeting place of all four elements... another cool thought.


I need to store that in my sig or somesuch... it's just too good to let it be buried in the forum and blog history.


Again, I have been remiss with the blog... had a nasty case of the flu, so at least this time I have an alibi.


Just read Dio's blog. Good friend of mine. He really values his independence, which is very admirable, even coming from someone who wears a label--wiccan... albiet an eclectic version of it.


Dvorak is coming along beautifully... I'm typing very well on it. I'll take some time to go through the courses so I'm up to industrial snuff as it were... after that it'll be time to re-learn QWERTY. The library computers make my head spin...


Still reading Seven Pillars of Wisdom whenever I can. Amazing book... they don't speak English like that anymore, and it's a damn shame. It almost feels like blank verse or some sort of prose in the sheer eloquence of the writing.


Arabs felt no incongruity in bringing God into the weaknesses and appetites of their least credible causes. He was the most familiar of their words; and indeed we lost much when making Him the shortest and ugliest of the monosyllables.


First time I read that I couldn't help but just go "WOW." Not quite sure why yet...


Who knew that a book about a war almost 100 years ago could be so enthralling?


Arabia has a lot to offer a person though... I'm very fortunate to have such wonderful guides as Sarah Brightman and T. H. Lawrence to help me discover this Undiscovered Country...


I'll write more tomorrow, I have to get to bed... If I keep this up I'll wax poetic till I'm blue in the face... er... till there are blisters on my fingers. There, that's better.





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