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Today's Workout




So I started my workout today, it's official. I got some basic gym workout stuff the other day and put it all in what is now I guess you can call my "workout room". Here's a glimpse:




I have somewhat improvised with some of the things in there. For example, the table there is used as a stand for my lappy so I can listen to tunes and check up on things if needed (It's surprisingly easy for me to forget the order of the workouts I'm doing), the mirror I use to double check my form - especially when I am doing squats - don't want to be bending that back, man. Lastly, the weights and bench are used for as you guessed my workout. I got a fairly cheap flat bench and it was a bit too wobbly for my liking, so as you can see I reinforced it a bit for my peace of mind.


Aside from that, I had a good workout today. Was sweating hard, and even though I couldn't complete my full workout, I got most of it done and I was knackered. I just gotta work on that endurance, that will come with time. I find that the squats take the most out of me, which I guess is mostly due to how many muscles it works at the same time. Secondly, I find that my back is probably my weakest point as I have such a bad posture (not only due to my weight, but it's also fairly common for tall people like myself so it's a double whammy) that keeping it straight during workouts is a workout in of itself.


Anyways, this is my first big step. Next workout will probably be on Wednesday or Thursday - depending on how sore I am :D


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