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Evil Curses Act Out Adamently More ...




Evil Curses Act Out Adamently More Than God Concepts


What Are They Doing In My Life? What Are They?


* Competition *


* Humilation *


* Disability *


* Anticipation *


* Climate *


* Sexual Erotic Aesthetics (There's Anti-Force) *


* Politics, Religions & Cults *


* Real Conspirasies *


* The Prerequisite of needing to get Laid several times, doesn't want to happen, no matter what I try to do to make it so. *




... If there is a God (?) It acts like it hates pussy. For me. I have a longing to Loving it. Or it's jealous of it and doesn't want me to have a part of it.


... I've lived to 50 years now and always wanted pussy. All I run into is others using pussy to put me down and keep me from it. Even the Climate is keeping it from me for the last 50 years. Anticaption works against me. I would not be representing desparation of such. But even the outlook is a miss representation. A conspirasy curse to represent me in the wrong ways. I'm more patient than other people. Why would that look like I'm disparate? Because this life has cursed me with this Conspirasy of my representation. Why can't I ever get laid? It is so adement, it has to be an Evil Curse! I've never seen why wanting it, could be so elusive.


David DeAngelo may be half right. Why the Hell the Bar Scene? I'm not that kind of a Guy! I'm into Nature and Aesthetics. I don't know how to apply the damn ass with my interest!!!



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