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New Glasses!




I went to an optometrist today. It was years overdue, I last had my vision checked in 2008 and I should do it every 5 years at max. This should teach me to actually do it - my vision had improved quite dramatically.


Ah, the new glasses are going to be so nice. I can't wait to wear them! I can't wait to not have my eyes tired all the time from the wrong lenses! Hooray!!



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I'm glad your eyesight has improved! smile.png I wore glasses from the time I was in fourth grade in school (approx. age 10) until about age 23 or 24. I had far-sightedness, which can improve. I was told that near-sightedness cannot improve. That may or may not be true. The story of why I quit wearing my glasses involves a tale about my going to church one night, so I will not tell it here. Hahaha.

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Thanks, me too! :)


I am in fact near-sighted with astigmatism. I got my first glasses at age 12 after some time of struggling with my eyesight and being too embarrassed to tell anyone until it got unbearable. All my glasses until now have always had more dioptres than the previous ones, and now they were able to reduce them. I don't know how that's possible, but hey, I'd have had to pay more if my eyesight had become worse, so it's also financially better this way. :D 


Hmmmm, now you made me very curious about that story! 

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