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Truman Show




Seriously, this blog sucks....


I like to rent older movies. You can real get a feel for the quality (Or lack of it) of a movie when there's no hype or big expectations.


I rented the Truman Show. Jim Carrey. Ed Harris. Decent flick. As I was watching, I was really struck by something.


If you don't know, in the movie, Truman (Carrey) is the star of his own show. Only he doesn't know it. The entire town is a set, all the townspeople are actors but him, and the hidden cameras follow him in his daily life, while he's totally ignorant.


Anyway, I was fascinated by Christof (Ed Harris), the creator of the show. He has this strange, father-like love for Truman. He watches him sleep, caressing his image tenderly on the monitor. He speaks fondly of watching Truman's first step, first day of school, first lost tooth. Repeatedly, he defends his deception of Truman, stating that in his world, Truman is safe, is given a normal life (as far as he knows), and has nothing to fear.


Ultimately, Christof believes Truman wants to stay in that world. And he also wants him to stay. He wants Truman to stay in his world and be safe. When the two finally confront each other.... Christof speaks from the sky, like God. When Truman asks him who he is, he responds "I am the Creator... of a television show". That pause kinda sticks out in my mind. Christof goes on to say "I know everthing about you" and that the outside world is just as full of lies and his, "but in my world, you'll have nothing to fear".


Now, seeing some parrellels to the journey out of christianity might just be a stretch, or projection, on my part. But this is how I'm seeing it. I just can't get the comparison out of my mind. Truman is offered a world without fear, a safe world, with no unknown to worry about, a world that has set limits. But he chooses the real world, where he won't be an eternal child, where he can have the benefits and trials of freedom. God/Christof offers him a kind of paradise, but Truman rejects it so he can grow.


I wonder if anyone felt that way about leaving their religion...



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