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The Badge Of Survival


As requested, a compilation of some of my essays are now in eBook format. There are fourteen total compositions, nine of which are new and not published until now. This short book focuses on some of my reflections of childhood abuse, loss of religion, and so on. I know most who read my experiences enjoy them simply because one can relate. smile.png


And if one can relate, then you aren't crazy.


Book is approximately 40 pages, and available in either pdf or epub format. Does include a lame cover art graphic (a la yours truly), and a forwarding note.

Available here on Amazon for $2.99 in eBook format.




Or you can pick it up for two bucks here https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rotted-Thoughts/266325053550001?sk=app_410312912374011, click the link below and then do what the graphic here shows....



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