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Friend of mine brought up his increasing frustration with how easily the religious swallow ridiculous doctrine and unhesitatingly apply it to everyday life. He cannot stand how easy it is to live with a mind so warped that even the word "the" might mean that the End of Days will happen by noon time after a lunch at Subway. He isn't the only one just flabbergasted at how easy it is for believers to accept that God doesn't do any one on one counseling anymore, and they are oblivious to the fishy way a prophecy is changed to fit a prediction after an unexpected earthquake shatters a small mountain community in the world somewhere. He wasn't sure how to put his thoughts on the subject into words, and while I follow his line of thinking, I think a bigger discussion on the pointlessness of arguing in apologetics is more on task this time. I apologize ahead of time how semi analytical this might sound, but after a few re reads of this entry, I just don't see an easy way to make it conversational at all. It's apologetics. They suck.


So, first of all, compartmentalized thinking, especially within religion, protects one from the difficult concepts of life. Concepts such as failing in becoming successful or accepting the process of death and its permanency. Instead, compartmentalized thinking allows one to latch on to certain ideas about life and death with whatever fanciful ideology one chooses to solve the dilemma with, no matter how irrational. These notions are completely protected against scrutiny and enforce ridiculous concepts of what creates success or defines death. Notions like faith, everlasting life, and supernatural punishment for immorality are hallmarks of many Judeo-Christian faiths.





Now, much like algebra, what you do to one side, you must do to the other. For every compartmentalized idea or belief, there has to be a real answer that can shatter the carefully bricked up wall one puts around it. So how do you rationalize the truth of what you believe to actually equate into a result that you want? You have to use a handy little evangelical tactic known as dispensationalism.


Dispensationalism provides a proposed historical timeline, on an evangelical level, to reinforce the aforementioned compartmentalized religious thinking process. It provides a cushy soft barrier of excuses and rationalizations to bolster one's aspirations to achieve the sectioned off understanding of how life works. Again, reality is not required, just targeted interpretation of biblical events that are neatly divided up into sections that cover certain time periods in scripture and .... Read more at my blog The Bluegrass Skeptic http://thebluegrassskeptic.com/2015/05/15/the-padded-cell-of-apologetics/



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How can you do this much in depth cognitive thought and writing so fast? It would take me a week to do this and that is if i had nothing else to do, lol.


Just amazing Z



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For this article, it was a fortunate happen stance. My friend on Atheist Nexus was telling me about his frustration with this very topic as far as compartmentalization and dispensationalism. I already had drafted out some thoughts on apologetics and my own look at how dispensationalism pads apologetic thinking. Since I have currently about 25 or so different blog entries that are just waiting to be typed up, edited, and all that, I just added in the compartmentalization while redacting a more in depth look at the prophecy argument. The whole development of the sectioning of the bible for prophetic cushioning has been something I really enjoy reading about. Even Koresh was a huge practitioner of such practice. All the way down to doing so to excuse his smoking cigarettes!


As far as why I have so many blogs ready to go? I have trouble sleeping, love to write, and think wayyyy too damn much. I never let an idea go to waste. You should see all the envelopes, receipts, napkins, what not I have stuffed in my glove box that I still need to bring in to my desk and write out in my notebooks so I don't forget the ideas....

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You don't know the real purpose of prayer?  God isn't going to change his mind but he sure loves to hear us beg and grovel.


Nice article.  I'm glad I got out of that mindset.

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