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Remember that scene in Star Wars when Obi Wan Kenobi heard a great cry within the force and immediately knew something terrible had happened? That's because he heard the death rattle of Zomberina Contagion shattering the Universe in my mind. Her voice whispered from deep inside the cosmic oceans of my mind,"Help! Help! I'm being repressed!" And then her presence was exiled to the abandoned remnants of my inner self to never search for brains again.


Zomberina died this past 28 April around 11:32 a.m. while I was working my mail route. Her character had been hovering towards the pitch black nothingness of non existence for several days prior, and while stopped at a red light, the depressing piles of mail filled trays still needing to be delivered quite suddenly overwhelmed me. In that moment, I knew she was gone forever, the repugnant stifling of her desires to just be free to be herself were finally crushed; she was ground into small bits of neuron stored proteins forever.


I silenced her despair without even a good bye.






Miss Z's persona was becoming irrelevant, much like how I already feel in my day to day living. While I wanted to use her in a bigger way, I realized that most can't relate to a zombie woman seriously, and I wanted a persona to better reflect who I am, not just what my interests are. I also want to bring in others with the same mindset to contribute to a more larger dialog about atheism, humanism, social trends, politics, healing, and so much more. And I didn't want to have a legion of zombies being the ones hosting the dialog.


Yeah, no more zombie princess. Just me, Kate. The pushing forty, mother of four, blog writing, super captain of insomniac writing binges. But, I had to do more than just have a blog called Kate. And it would be hard to put the rest of it in there too, so I thought,"Hmmmnn. I want my own website. I want to freely express whatever I feel like. I want a blog name that is directly related to what I write about, but at the same time, not sounding overly anti religious. Something that shares where I live, and some of the social situations I deal with being secular."


Voila! The Bluegrass Skeptic was born.


Kentucky has me loving the field of science, the practice of reason, and its many varieties of bourbon. It's tough being an atheist in the South, but at least I have bourbon. In all seriousness, I'm a very real, down to earth, goofy, socially missing clues left and right, kind of person. My name is Kate Ashcraft. I work for the mail service, have a passion for writing, a huge lack of sleep, and I've discovered that living in Kentucky has some up and down sides. Mostly down in my opinion. Between crappy seasonal weather, Republican dominated politics, and God? This free thinker is screwed in all the wrong ways but the good one! My website TheBluegrassSkeptic.com will highlight more than just my thoughts on religious ideologies, but also I will be hosting interviews, and even a few movie reviews. So, this place is like a fleamarket - something for everyone.




I'm still learning about tweeting, but you can find me here https://twitter.com/bluegrassskep. Youtube you can catch a few older videos here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdQTowJacDjnZF2OL38EIGw?view_as=public. And I'll be creating The Bluegrass Skeptic on Facebook shortly, as well. I would also like to put out a call to anyone interested in submitting guest blogs, offering up any kind of media for public use, or are wanting to have a talk! All kinds of things will be discussed from parenting as an atheist so surviving those altar calls for Christ. I really hope that there will be plenty of variety and not a constant rehash of the same old discussions.


Mark the date down! 15 May The Bluegrass Skeptic will be visible on any internet ready device near you!



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