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Pissed Off




I am pissed! I just came back from a little trip up to Arkansas. Lotsa trucks and nearly all of them were driving very considerate. Then I come home! Yesterday as I exited from US 183 on to the Farm Market road that I live on, I had one truck blow the yield sign making me slam on my brakes! His running mate attempted the same thing, but by now I was really pissed and managed to cut him off to where he had the choice of hitting me (hey, a new car out of that deal), going into a 4 foot ditch on the side of the road or coming to a full stop (as he was originally supposed to. I could see him “mouthing off” thru his windshield and motioning for me to back up. I shook my head, made the motion of him moving back and then took the keys out of the ignition to show him I would sit there all day if necessary. He was really red faced with anger, but he was the one on a time table and like it or not, he backed up and I continued on home! This morning, on my way to work, as I passed the truck stop near the base a 18 wheeler pulled out in front of me. I was doing 50 mph and he pulled out only about 30 yards in from of me. Another brake squealer….My Step Dad and my Father-In-Law were both career truckers, so I am not prejudiced against truckers, but it sure seems that this new generation of truckers thinks Bigger Rules the Road! Just color me Pissed - Heimdall


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Road rage - the bane of every commuter.


I think lots of drivers are just plain inconsiderately rude anymore.


Then again, I do drive in Cleveland OH everyday.

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