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You ever have one of those conversations with a friend, family member, or coworker, where you are describing your atheism or questioning of religion and you are asked the inevitable,”What/Who/Why did you/are you doubting the existence of God?”

Ignore the entire question except for the who/what/why part. You are about to realize this person is probably one of the most singular thinking people you’ve ever met. This is because the fundamental core of scrutinizing the irreligious is locating the cause of the faithlessness in the individual under the microscope. Sure, you lost your faith and you know there are many factors involved, but to many believers like Jane Doe questioning you, there is at the heart of all those factors a single causation that created all the other reasons. Kind of like a domino rally display, they are looking for that starting domino.



Like their biblical doctrine, believers have to assign an overarching system of single source causation to almost everything when it comes to understanding their world according to God, and then somehow apply their belief structure to their peers. Since most are taught that God is behind everything, believers easily sift through details and experiences to find a bottom line reason for everything else. Such as everything is man’s fault for being a sinner because of Adam’s transgression in the Garden of Eden. Or my personal favorite,”You are angry at God because you were sexually abused by a priest.”


Take my own experience when my atheism is being questioned. When initially getting to know me, a large majority of faithful disciples always end up asking,”What happened?”



I’ll explain that it was a series of events, each of which causing me to move away further from holy living. Some events managed to push me away from religion further than others. I will explain all of the events and experiences thoroughly, and without fail, one person will say it must have been my father’s religious hypocrisy. Another will hypothesize I am angry with God’s failure to protect me from sex abuse, and a few ....Read more here http://thebluegrassskeptic.com/2015/05/08/you-are-the-most-singular-person-i-have-ever-met/



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