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It's Hard Living In An Echo Chamber





It is really disappointing sometimes when I go to various humanist or atheist events in my area. Mostly because a large majority of the attendees are not from my area. I live in northern Kentucky, right on the Ohio river with the Cincinnati skyline lit up every night to remind me where all the action is in my neighborhood. Basically, across the river. When I first started my blog writing about four years ago, it never occurred to me just how alone I am in my actual area of residence.


I mean, you start writing and attend some group functions with organizations like the Tri-State Freethinkers, and figure you’ll see exactly how not alone you are. While it is nice there are many members nearby, across the river, and a few a little over twenty miles away nearby in Florence, I can’t track anybody down in the greater Newport or Covington, KY areas who are actively blogging/event coordinating/activist atheists. It’s just a huge let down.


But not a surprising one.


I don’t think most people realize how religiously handicapped northern Kentucky really is. Most hear the words Christianity and Kentucky and immediately think of Louisville or Lexington. Maybe because of my area being literally on the other side of a bridge that leads into Cincinnati, Ohio, it is assumed things are pretty liberal up here compared to more southern communities in my state. That is where many go wrong. While it is very much safe to assume that the greater Cincinnati area has an effect on Covington and Newport, I think it is an underestimated assumption.


So, like many other atheist bloggers, let me tell you how bad I have it here. Read the rest here at my blog http://thebluegrassskeptic.com/2015/05/30/its-hard-living-in-an-echo-chamber/



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