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It Isn’T Just Huckabee Who Doesn’T Get The Transgender Community





Today a February rant caught up with Republican presidential nomination hopeful Mike Huckabee. In this rant, which was held at a Religious Broadcasters Convention earlier this year, the Huckster made some pretty nasty insinuations about the transgender community. Many have pointed out his quote regarding how “He wished he could have identified as female in High School” so he could go shower with the other ladies. I believe he used the term “How convenient it would be to be able to identify”. This automatically implies predatory intent on the part of those transgendered who are actively fighting for equal restroom rights, and recognition of their preferred gender identity.


Really, I’ve heard this argument before, and while it gives a disgusting look into the way Huckabee thinks about his fellow man -especially women- I was more ruffled at his statement regarding little girls, school bathrooms, and 42-year-old transgender men in said bathroom with the little girls. He is very much insinuating this is a vulnerability in child safety from sexual assault. Such fallacious dilemmas and appeals to emotion work in the religious crowds, who – while agreeing with Huckabee – probably have not done one ounce of homework on what transgender is. It has nothing to do with sexual attraction or desire.Transgender is simply about one’s gender identity and finding a way to exist in the identity one belongs in. It has nothing to do with pedophilia, lesbianism, or anything.



For some reason, Christians think of a female, a transgendered male, and a bathroom, and that must mean rape will occur. They cannot let go of the idea of a penis. They’re obsessed. I rarely hear this discussion include female to male transgendered. Never. Christ, Chaz Bono had an easier time and a ton of support compared to male to female trans. I see that when it comes to men, there is a lot of projection of degrading sexual thought of these religious politicians onto the transgender community, the transitioning men in particular. It’s like a Bible removes a politician’s public speaking filter, and endows bigots like Huckabee a feeling of being impervious to criticism.... Read more here at my blog http://thebluegrassskeptic.com/2015/06/02/it-isnt-just-huckabee-who-doesnt-get-the-transgender-community/.

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