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My chest pain is now completely in control now with good pain meds, and there's no inflammation at this point (anymore?), just irritation of the rib cartilages. I also have one more doctor appointment booked in August now to figure out the amenorrhea. Heh, I don't think I've ever seen doctors as many times in a month as I will then, unless you count my week-long hospital stay when I was ten.


I had my teeth professionally cleaned today. That was many different kinds of awesome that I didn't expect, especially the look and feeling right afterwards. How stupid must I have been to avoid the dental professionals? My life could have been so much less painful and shameful if I hadn't. But no, instead of doing the sensible thing, I sat at home being ashamed and praying I'd grow new teeth, having faith that I would, oh yes I would. I almost died waiting. Dang!


So much for God taking complete care of his craziest ones. I never thought that prayer answers would be me deciding to go to a dentist, you know - if it was God, he didn't need me to do that so he could heal me, right? I just had to have faith, right? Besides I was a phobic.


Indeed, I briefly saw the poor dentist who saved my life and shock-cured my phobia earlier in the spring with the emergency operation. He looked busy so I sent him a note afterwards. While I was at it, I also thanked my other dentist who did the laughing gas treatments. That felt really good. Those two people have improved my life quality (and probably my life expectancy) so much, and they probably don't get enough positive feedback. People are notorious for only speaking out about bad treatments.


One of my dearest pet snails is very likely dying soon, so this day is quite a mixture of awesome and heartbreaking. Poor little guy. I miss him already. He might still come back, but I doubt it.


I need a nap. See you later. My next blog won't be about my physical illnesses, I promise.



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Thanks Cat, I too am glad, it sucks to be in pain.


Yeah, the poor snail died. *sigh*

In some weird way it's been good to cry over something so real and so simple, though. So different to the difficult-to-define depression/anxiety crying - I lost a beloved pet, a little friend, that is all. 




p.s. Wow I wrote the entry badly. Must have been those pain meds... 

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