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It's all in how you look at things.


I had 2 horse shows this weekend. The discipline I competed in is the one which fascinates me the most, and mastery of it seems out of most people's grasp. It requires a super-sharp, well-trained, and obedient horse and a savvy rider to execute the pattern. I don't really have either. My horse is young and I've been training him myself, and I'm still new enough at this that I still consider the fact that I might not remember what the pattern is.


I get frustrated because I'd like a "finished" horse to show so I can go in and focus on myself. I show in a class for green riders, and it seems that everyone else has a been-there-done-that horse. There are some riders who look as though hanging on to the saddle horn may benefit them who score higher than me, because their horses carry them through it.


Yesterday morning made me wonder if I just expect too much. There were several things I wanted to accomplish in my run, and I was thinking them over while sitting on my horse by the gate. A woman walked out of the riding arena on her horse, looking elated. I had seen her earlier in the restroom, making sure her hat was straight, makeup perfect, and trying to squeeze into her beautiful new chaps. As she exited the pen, she exclaimed, "I didn't pass out!" with a huge smile. Hmm... I never thought of retaining consciousness as a goal.


I suppose I'm not doing so bad after all. I relaxed a little and decided not to begrudge her any points she earned to beat me with. There are some with bigger hurdles than mine.



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