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Rough Excerpt Trial From New Book




"Three thousand years..."
For three thousand years, we have watched over the sands of time. Watched civilizations rise, and watched their fall. We have stood as the stewards of all events in history - from the fall of Rome, to the rise of the Soviet Empire. We made the Berlin Wall crumble, and we built up the new face of the world.
For the first time in our history, we watched...as we failed. We watched, as one man thwarted our plans. And we watched as another presented new ideas. However, failure is only in the eye of the beholder. When it's all part of the greater scheme. We thought we had a willing pawn to carry out our mission, but we had not expected this intervention. This time, we cannot afford to be set back.
"We know what you are trying to do, we see what your mission is. We only offer the means to make it happen. Your mentor tried the same, yet he failed. But his failure, can be your gain. What say you, Patriach Rezin?"
"The world is wicked. The hellspawn of Satan runs amock across it, God is angry - he wishes for vengeance." Rezin replied, crossing his arms. "Why have you come forward to assist me?"
The other man, his figure silhouetted by the programming of the hologram stood motionless. "We merely want what you want. An end to the aristocracy, the oligarchy that plagues our world. We can give you the means - the "breath of God" to exact his wrath upon those who shun him. The organization would like to see your group rise above the ashes of the burning world, and bring...peace, to us all."
The patriach pondered for a long moment as he assessed his options. For many years, he had led the point of view that the end times were near, and that it was his duty to bring it forth. He lacked resources, materials, everything he needed to make it so - and as if he had been blessed, an organization offering him all he desired to bring about the end, was right in front of him. Smiling, he nodded toward the figure. "Very well, I accept your assistance."
"You have made a wise decision Patriarch. We will supply you with the materials, the weapons, the equipment. Go out in the world, find like minded individuals. Raise a military power capable of bringing down those that shun God, and we will give you whatever is necessary."
"My followers will endeavor to make this happen. Many among the populace desire what we do." Rezin nodded. "We are counting on you."
"Know that the organization always follows through with its promises. The first shipment will arrive soon. We will be in touch Patriarch." with that, the screen went dim. Rezin stood from his desk and looked through the window of his office. The time of the end was at hand, the time to plan was past. It was time to put the world to the flame.


Five years later...



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