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Saw the other side of the war as it were...




Been feeling rather contemplative.


Friend of mine just made a post about how he 'debates' christians. It was a mind-blowing demonstration of not only the wisdom of his beliefs but how effective they can be.


Trying to convert Eric would be like trying to dent wool... you can use a sledgehammer all you want, but as soon as the head is removed from the wool it resumes it's shape. The only way to reshape it would be to weave each thread into a new piece of fabric... something no soul hunter is going to take the time to do--much less even know where to start!


I've done my share of damage... I'm very good at it. Logic is very natural to me, something I'm damned proud of. Many fundies have run in terror from my posts. Some have even taken the time to explain why they are leaving to me personally. The terror and hatred in their words was immensely gratifying... "Yes, you DO fear truth. You were shown the facts, knew there was no argument that would make your bullshit position work and you hate it..."


But I always felt deeply wounded after it was over.


Many members know exactly what this is, and how hard it is to wash off. I'd say every one here has gone through it at least once. The blood of your enemies is gone in the time it takes for a thread to get buried. It's your own blood and pain that is so much harder to get rid of.


It eats at the soul. It makes you wonder just how 'compassionate' and 'caring' the person next to you in line at the store really is... or if they would turn the screws, pump the torture machine all in the name of salvation.


How many of them would hammer nine inch nails into another for their own skins?


Many people I come across would.


I think I'm expecting too much from passiveness... the knives are still there, just far more subtle. Besides, far too much of my own family is passive... and I always felt afterwards that it was a crime worthy of drawing and quartering.


At best it's something to be drawn out against the people who aren't asking honest questions... the people so blinded by the light they don't see anything else but the prize at the end. It's people like that that make me think that the real world IS hell...


Dunno. It's an interesting question to say the least. It's damned effective, but is it's use moral, or is it too powerful and vindictive to be appropriate? At the same time, is there any other way to bleed out some of the hyperfundies that come here?





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