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My 2015?




I tried to do a 40 question survey about 2015, but I couldn't answer most of the questions. It seems I don't remember much about individual months. What happened in April? Heck if I know. June, that's when we went to a rock concert. I think we swam in the sea a lot at some point. July? August?


I do remember January for ending up on this website. I knew I was agnostic but I was a mess. The support I got was amazing.


At some point last year, I realised there's no reason for me to make a point about "not knowing" whether there is a god. It's much simpler to say I'm atheist - there's no belief in gods to be found in me, but if there ever is actual evidence, I'll change my mind. Yes, that's it.


It seems I remember being tired, working hard, sleeping, and wanting to sleep. I'm so ready for my screening for sleep disorders next week. I want to feel awake.



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