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Remember: Be Fair And Balanced




One thing that I notice about myself is that whenever I consider writing a blog, such as this, for a particular point of view (i.e. ex-Christian) there is that part of me that wants to write it in such a way to "be acceptable" from people of that particular belief-system. So, since I'm aware of that about myself, I'm hestitant to write this blog, because it is part of this ex-christian website.


However, my analytical side says "No!. I won't write anything just to be accepted by anyone. I will only write what seems real and true to me." This is one reason that I do most of my writing on my own blog/website www.live-anew.com. I have no one to please but myself. I just write what seems reasonable or true to me.


I don't see the people in the Christian belief system, or other belief systems, as intricately evil. I would assume that most of the people involved in any responsible belief system are trying to do what they think is right. However, I think that many of them are misled or living under a delusion, as I once was. Consequently, I don't judge or condemn them.


I write this mainly as a reminder to myself to write fair and balanced articles.



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