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Yearly update - short hand version




Shorthand version of my 2017 thus far:
-Passed my belt test for my 1st degree black in martial arts, and am working on the Okinawan Sai form.
-I'm working on changing my mindset for the better. This has involved some heavy time management and making time for things instead of just brooding with my thoughts.
-I'm lining up additional physical challenges to press myself to the limits in conditioning and endurance, in an effort to be better prepared for the 2nd degree test in a year and a half.
-My financial situation has greatly improved and stabilized.
-My time is now being devoted to the following, in order of importance:
1. Martial arts
2. Kickboxing
3. Twitch streaming
4. Work

Onto my new activity: Twitch streaming. For those of you that may not know about it, it is a streaming website of people who play video games. Through a good friend of mine who recommended I give it a shot, I started in May. I've had some mild success and am enjoying it. It is also helping me with the keeping my mind occupied thing. So, if you are interested in video games, comedy, general hanging out and chatting, (WARNING: SHAMELESS PLUG AHEAD) please give me a follow and stop in sometime at: https://www.twitch.tv/travilx


My streaming times are Monday, and Friday-Sunday, usually around 6pm EST. Sometimes earlier, sometimes later.

It is not required to sign up if you don't like (though I have made some good friends and they all stream great games). I'd enjoy the chance to hang out with you all while I play some games and sometimes fail spectacularly at them,  I am also working toward an affiliate status (where I can earn royalties from streaming, and have greater streaming options and so forth), and I need to average 3 viewers for that. Right now, I'm 2.5. Soooooooo close!

But mainly, the twitch thing fills a social void for me. As someone who doesn't go out anymore, it is a means for me to hang out in the comfort of my own home and everyone else theirs, while we all chit chat, hang out, and just generally get some good laughs at my failures in gameplay, haha. Again, it is not required that you all do this - but it would be cool to hang out with like minded folks who enjoy video games, and fellow Ex-C'er's.

Thus concludes your yearly update on Travi. Thanks for reading everyone!



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Great update Travi


We should hang out and play some games together man. You can stream us :D 

Absolutely man. I know we're on opposite sides of the globe - but maybe we can set a time up sometime. Just let me know. 

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I probably need to go to bed early one Friday, hop up early in the morning and be ready to play by x time.... you know when I usually say "good morning?" Would that time suit?

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It is amazing how well you have done with the martial arts and your channel on Twitch is fun to watch. It seems like it would be a lot of fun to do that. Hopefully you get to earn royalties from streaming soon. Based on the amount of new followers you gained just today, I'd say you will get there soon.

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Interesting! I'm not into any of that (except work, and after a two-week vacation where people I met asked if I'm retired, I'm wishing I could be). But it's pretty cool that you have your life organized like you do, and that you're accomplishing things. Good job!

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