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Looking At The Universe 20050601




{{{ Looking At The Universe - (With My Ambient Music Choices) - }}}


... The Universe is all matter that we do know that exist. My question is why?


... It has heated up the elements and it explodes and the matter spews out and swirling ~ Chemistry compounds that form as they cool, and from heavy to light they flow through a series of patterns. The Light waves of the firery Gallaxies and Stars and smoke clouds of matter is spewing itself out in this open void of space.


... Without a substance the sound is silence. My music starts with that perception.


... Now the spewing and an atmosphere of the substance is coming with a vibration to the ears ...


> Michael Stearns <*> Collected Ambient & Textual Works 1977 - 1987 <*>

<*> Lyra (@1996 fathom \ Hearts Of Space) <*>

* Subterranean Ambiance *


... Some matters has reached the ears and inner mind feeding it with the sounds to be heard ...


... The Universe is showing itself Aesthetically in doing what it does, but is conscienceness and cognitiveness going on about this, other than being the observer? ...


> Steve Roach <*> THE M A G N I F I C E N T VOID <*>

(@1996 fathom \ Hearts Of Space) <*>

* Infinite Shore *

* Cloud Of Unknowing *

* Void Memory Two *

* Void Memory Three *

* The Magnificent Void *


~ Replay ~





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