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My first blog ever!




Hello everyone!


It's just past midnight and I'm watching a rerun of "Dallas" on Soapnet. I've never done one of these blogs before, but I'll give it a shot.


I'm going to jump right into my normal issues. One of the biggest things I'm dealing with right now is my fear of the end of the world. Thanks to members of this forum I've been working on it and evaluating the validity of the fear. However, at my job I have coworkers that froth at the mouth whenever we have an earthquake, bad weather, etc.


It all started when Aida (my coworker) and I were walking back from the ER to our deparment (I work at a hospital.) It was about 11:00 A.M. Out of nowhere, she says, "Oh, Mijo (she's hispanic), it's going to be raining this weekend. And there was a 7-point earthquake in Japan. There never used to be earthquakes anywhere, now we have them everywhere all the time. It's the end of the world and nobody wants to believe it." I just nodded my head and continued walking. However, my day was ruined; I spend the rest of the day ruminating over the end of the world.


Then, when I start to come back to my senses, there has to be an 8.7 earthquake in Sumatra. Well of course, my coworkers jumped all over this. I walked into work, actually expecting the end-of-the-world paranoia, but the expectation didn't help prepare me. I sat down at the desk as Aida, Bill and Nora were standing around talking. Bill said "Did you hear about the 8.7 earthquake?" and Aida responded, "Oh, yeah, that's a big one." And Nora, the lady with a bald spot, chimes in and says, "Oh, yes, I was talking to my sister and she thinks that there must be bad people there." Then Bill comes back with "Well, it's written in the pages!" I work with a bunch of fanatics!


I have OCD, and religion does not bode well with me because of that. I've had horrible experiences with religion and I cannot take it when people start preaching Armageddon to me.


Well, I've read that there is a volcano that's erupting over there and sure the "Fin Del Mundo" trio are going to be spewing paranoia. I have two choices: deal with it or find another job. Well, I like my job despite the religious fanaticism, and I'm not willing to give it up over a few people who have a bad case of the crazies. I'm just going to have to learn to put on my "End Times Defense Shield" and let it be.


Thanks for reading,



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G'day Jeremy, thanks for the blog. Sorry about your workplace situation...


I did a little searching on the net for earthquake frequencies and found, amongst other things, this page from, of all places, the Institute for Creation Research which analyses the measurement of earthquakes over the last century as well as the frequency of recorded earthquake occurences over that period. It refers to this US govt. site, among others.


And guess what? There's no consistent increase in frequency of earthquakes over that period, only the standard fluctuations that you would expect from anything in nature (eg ice ages, weather, tides, etc). I presume this has been going on since those tectonic plates formed all those billions of years ago.




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