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Get over yourselves




I have been invited to 3 baby showers this month. While I like these women and wish them the best, I can't help but feel used. As an intentionally unmarried, childless person, I do not put the strain on other people in the way of gifts for various milestones. The feeling I get is kind of like when you go to Pampered Chef or Partylite parties, but never hold one yourself. The host racks up extra goodies, depending on how much her guests spend on their overpriced items, and the only way to even up the score is to host your own party.


I held a Pampered Chef party once, and I still feel guilty about it.


I don't ever want to be dependant on other people to get me the stuff I need. It's incomprehensible to imagine accepting so much instead of earning it myself. Of course, perhaps the mini-George Foreman grill, fire extinguisher, and kitchen towels from my apartment-warming bear witness to my hypocrisy. But I think not.








And I also need to mention that the thought of purchasing my friend a breast pump seriously messed with my brain for a few hours yesterday. ugh.gif



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