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Quick rant on Christianity




In the world in which we all live, we have the natural, and the supernatural. The natural consists in the observations, examinations, and experiences of who we are and the life that each of us lives. The supernatural, or 'other than natural', consists of that which permeates our minds, absent of the reflections that consist naturally. Very few (scientists, philosophers, etc) take the time to write down what it is they have observed and experienced, unless it is other than 'normal'. The normal repetitious machinations of every day life appeals to very few. In the days of old, most subscribed to geocentricity. It happened every day and everyone experienced the same thing. The sun rose; the sun set. Without the examination of what happens naturally, man was left with the culmination of what others have said, and most often, the first thing that comes to mind tends to suffice, as very few wish to wait patiently for the truth, especially if what they are told is what they desire to hear. After the majority entertains the first thoughts that enters their minds, this spectacular inferance is often quickly written down, to the applause of the many. Over time, this written accord becomes the law of lands, and the majority establish their entire livelyhood around it.


Enter the person who questions what is presently thought. No one wants to admit that they have lived their life for a lie; we all will only live for so many heartbeats, and such an epiphany has the ability to literally reboot the psyche, the being of a person as it literally means, that up until now, they have dwelt in ignorance. In return, that person lashes out, violently if necessary, to such contradictory accord that they have entertwined their life around. On the scale of the majority, the many attack the few. But this action is only natural; it is the epitome of ignorance to never know what a person has been dealt in life, even though that person may have thought they lived correctly.


When the accords of supernatural thinking is around long enough, it is always taken as absolute truth. As with any religion, the unknown workings are always attributed to one god or another, and by doing so, degrade a person's ability to think for themselves. Rightly observed, this manner is the stealth of gradualism. In order to get a people to think what is not true, they must first be led to believe they themselves are unable to think for themselves. This gradualism, this attrocious ignorance on part of other ignorants, is the true evil. If there is evil in the world, it is cunning, it is sly, and it is slow to effect. With religion, we have long extant doctrine that few apply the natural liberty to question. Who would question what they have been raised with? Why would anyone doubt their parents teachings, or anyone who has lived before them? They obviously know more than the younger generation.


But this is not always so. Just as the older generation was once the younger generation, the old beliefs become the new. Evil, the ignorance of the ignorant, has always benefited from this gradual encroachment on the minds of mankind. Who would doubt the belief that they were created by God for knowing that they may very well be simply natural and not special, the effect due to the result of a fertilized egg? As simple as this may be, it is terrifying to many. When a religion is around long enough, and has its own written doctrine, the terrified now have something to wrap their terrified death grip around. Never let go, otherwise death will ensue!


But all along, this grip has been wrapped around a viscious restraint of the Ego-Self, always appeasing fears by countering with wonderous promises of everlasting life. Christianity, as other religions, has this strangle-hold upon the world in which we live. Each religion, contradicting the other, refuses to acknowledge the possibility that they themselves may indeed be wrong. And so, in greater numbers, they lash out. In a finely tuned religion, they enter politics and try to set laws to hinder the development of mankind. Everything that occurs naturally, with the unrestrained religion, will eventually become illegal. What happens when mankind is literally forced to obey the doctrine of gradual ignorance? Wars will ensue, destruction will be widespread, and extinction of mankind, at the hands of mankind itself, will be the greatest achievement of this ignorance.


Christianity is filled with those who necessitate numbers of assurity that they are thinking and doing what is right. But none of christianity ever realizes its effect on the history of mankind. Who would oppose the many? Who has this raw courage? Enter the ex-christian. The ex-christian, by experience, is able to fully understand the depth of depravity of his former religion. This person will think the unthinkable; that the bible may be the gradual encroachment of evil; it is the devil's playbook. The church is thought to have become the devil's playground, with each member a marionette, and as a puppet, it never knows what is really happening. Who would dare curse the bible and the church like this? In the end, it is found that such blasphemy is simply the truth, and that christianity is repulsed by this truth. It has always been the few who have really known what is happening, and they are perpetually persecuted for it.



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