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Purpose of Bifrost




I intend to post what is transpiring with my attempt to bring enlightenment to those poor brain-washed, enslaved Christ Cultists on this website and others (Unexplained Mysteries comes to mind). wicked.gif I have become overly tired of people with religion-rotted brains accosting me, witnessing to me, and eventually telling me that my destination after life will be very warm Wendywhatever.gif . I will add that since I have worked up a little witnessing and conversion spiel for Deism, the Cultists tend to vacant my presence much sooner! lmao_99.gif I also intend to enter web addresses here of interesting sites with information that is antireligion or that shows the more recent historical finds and musings. GONZ9729CustomImage1539775.gif

Hopefully this blog will let me clear my mind and organize my thoughts for the furtherance of the "good fight". Heimdall the Watcher


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