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New workplace, new challenge




Finally, it has been decided. I'm one of those who leave our production line support team at Auto5000, and I'll head for the Volkswagen bank in nearby Braunschweig.


Had a talk to that team's project leader. He seems okay, and from what I've seen of my future workplace, it will be absolutely cool! You know, back then in 2002/2003, I learned a heap of stuff (you gotta know something to become an MCSE, MCDBA and LPI-C1 firedevil.gif ) that I could never use "here" at Auto5000, because we never had sufficient permissions to dabble with the systems. What good knowing how to do things in active directory configuration et cetera when you don't even have an active directory system where you work?


Aaaah, but the bank project is a big thing. Full-scale administration of lots of stuff (not everything though - the Volkswagen admins want to keep control of course), up to and including the "operating team" monitoring the datalinks to sites all across this planet. Kind of "the elite of office IT support". And in sharp contrast to Auto5000, the superiors in the bank take us seriously. They are willing to really listen to us and contemplate what we suggest... while here, we are expected to do magic, more than the external companies can do with their own products, and all for free of course. KatieHmm.gif


It will be one Niflhel of a challenge, after almost two years in which many of my skills atrophied due to lack of use... but I'm definitely hot for it! Let alone that I'll finally be back to normal work times (mostly... some variation is inevitable), and thus, a mostly normal social life again! Yee-ha!



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