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Not in a pirate mood.




Damn I just got Sid Meier's newest Pirates! game but now I'm not in a pirate mood. I watched the Pirates of The Caribbean movie and got all excited. It's damn fine cliched pirate movie. It's just like Cutthroat Island but with cursed pirates that turn into rotting skeletons when the moonlight hits them, and Johnny Depp. It's funny how I get inspired by most anything. lmao_99.gif Maybe that's why I would be drawn into Christianity so much, because of all the crazy inspiring it does.


Anyway I really liked the movie and hoped to get the game for it by the same name. However it was a bit old game and unpopular for the PC (although I enjoyed it when I had the xbox). So all I could find was Sid's Pirates! game. "Pirates!" is supposed to be a more non-linear game with more piratey stuff to do. However it doesnt seem to have any great first person views the Pirates of The Caribbean game had. PoTC was supposed to be Seadogs 2, but blasted Disney had to come along with their movie and rush the developers to send it out with the movie's release. It would have been a much game better had they let them finish it. Now Akella is coming out with possibly the "holy grail" of pirate games, Age of Pirates. It will be what they wanted Seadogs 2 to be. Unfortunately they say the US release might not have slave trading in it though. Maybe there will be a mod to unlock it though. Hopefully Disney won't hijack this one with some movie sequal. phew.gif


So I'm still not in a pirate mood for some reason. I think it's because I got involved here reading all the evils of christianity and posting some articles myself. It just ruins my mood. WendyDoh.gif


Argh...someone sing a sea shanty! vent.gif Maybe I'll go watch some movie trailers of pirate movies. I also just got the new live action Peter Pan movie for my daughter (and me!) to watch. That's got pirates in it. I should watch that then. GONZ9729CustomImage1539775.gif



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