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Argh! Pirates!




lmao_99.gif It's so silly. I played the Pirates game last night, despite not being in the mood, and it was damn good. Very addicting though. You sail all around the Carribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico blasting any ship ya want. There is little mini games that blend into the game to. For example, you can seak through enemy towns, or dance with the governer's daughter. Most of the time is spent hunting ships though. Capture them and sell them, or just sink them. There's tons of ports to trade in.


They even have Jesuit missionaries and indians in it too. I believe it's possible to blow up their ships too, maybe even take over the town. FrogsToadBigGrin.gif


Today I have Sunday off so I slept in. Darn I missed church. lmao_99.gif



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