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Get medieval on your ass




I found an awesome medieval role playing game. I was browsing Underdogs (a massive abandonware site) for any juicy games and I found Mount&Blade. It's actually a shareware game, you can advance your character up to level 6, then start over or buy a license for it. It's damn cheap (like 12$) so I bought it. The game is beta now, but is quite stable. There seems to be some graphics and features in the game that is missing though (like more furniture in the castles). The license is good for all future updates and the final release.


Anyway it's just amazing. It's rare to find a good first person medieval game (this one has third person too). The Elder Scrolls (Morrowind) and Theif games are the only recent ones around that I know of. Mount&Blade plays more like Morrowind (and the old Daggerfall) but has no magic, so it's more "realistic". There is horses in this game, beautiful horses, with some damn fine animation to them. However, the swordplay in the game was what won me over.


I suppose it's like Morrowind, you can swing and thrust in all the different directions. However blocking with just a weapon equiped requires you to press block for each blow the enemy attemps. Of course with a shield you can just hold down the block button, but enough hard blows to it will disintergrate it, leaving you with just the weapon to block. The combat comes off as very intense and fast paced. You can really get into it, sometimes it's gets scary too. phew.gif


I love the horses in the game. You can get different breeds of them, each with different stats (speed, armor, etc.). You can fight while riding them, using anything, swords, axes, spears, lances (jousting!), bows and other projectile weapons. In the city you start out in there is arena fighting where you can joust in melee combat. In the arena, what you get equiped with is random though. Horses can also be killed, throwing the rider off! You can also kill the rider then take their horse. woohoo.gif


In the game you travel the land fighting other armies and protecting caravans. Battles are crazy, horses charging, arrows flying, hordes of baddies to kill. There is tons of weapons to buy and other items to trade. Character creation is good, you get to create your own face, and diddle with lots of different stats.


Damn fine game. I definetly recommend it. Try out the shareware first though.


Official webpage for it is at: http://www.taleworlds.com



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