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Personal Statement on Faith




1. Belief is the result of the psychological desire that something be true, compensating for the fear that it may not be. The greater the necessity for compensation, the more fanatic the belief.

2. The more fanatic the belief, the more hostile the individual becomes towards those who do not believe or believe otherwise.

3. The whole of theistic religion is a belief-system (1) born of the fear of the unknown, and (2) is participated in, and promoted by, the individual equal to the degree of their personal fears.

4. Theistic religion is a tool of mental slavery used on those who are held captive by their fears, by those who seek absolute power and control through the submission of the fearful.

5. Every theistic deity is a myth that is created and used to establish, promote, and glorify the weakness, powerlessness, and fear of the fearful.

6. The greater the personal fear, combined with the perception of personal weakness and powerlessness, the greater the propensity to act out in retaliation to those who do not fear and do not feel powerless.

7. Theistic beliefs become irrelevant and without merit in accordance to the degree of the dissipation of the fear of death, the halmark of what is unknown.



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