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Working on a big post at the moment




Been a while since I dropped in here so I thought I should sneak in and write something.


I'm not really fond of the direction Ex-C has taken lately... I'm trying to write out a post that explains where I stand and why I think it's wrong - and harmful.


Along the way I had a very nice oppertunity to take a look at some of the editors that come with Linux... I have fallen madly in love with GVIm. Wonderful editor, really powerful and I'm just scratching the surface... It takes a bit to learn, but once you do you never go back.


I've heard a lot about emacs, and am looking forward to learning that as well. Ironically enough, despite the apparently bitter rivalry between the two, there is a plugin/script that integrates the two editing styles. Ironic, no?


Also reading through a book today that is just utterly fascinating. The title is Cultural Literacy, author is E. D. Hirsch. Truly mind-opening text. It lays out exactly why you need to be well-read.


I'll probably head to bed soon... had a long day and I'm quite tired.


Take care, my readers... wink.gif





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