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Big day at the bookstore!



Just got a bunch of books from Borders and B&N... mum got some books for her, and I finally snagged a copy of Seven Pillars of Wisdom by T. E. Lawrence(Yes, E.... can't believe I didn't catch that in my old blog entry. And they give me a wand, can you believe that?)


Also got a nice thick book on the inquisition... fun. Should be enlightening at least.


Looking forward to tearing into them... :drools:



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Cool, Merlin - I was at B&N last Sunday and got a bunch of clearance books. I got a Biostatistics text book, a couple books on computer security, a book on Carl Jung, a low-carb cookbook, and a few others for a buck each! I've got to get one of those reverse-tithe 10% cards.

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