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Summary Forum contributions




I posted somewhere an overview of my recent attributions to this forum. That will turn out to be handy for myself too probably. I hope the forum will not be renewed very soon (so that I'll lose all my precious texts). smile.gif


Jesus existence

This thread (The mythical Jesus) handles (despite of its title) some stuff about the historical validity of the O.T. and N.T. Several revisionists are mentioned. When you want to know more about this I recommend you to PM AUB. When I was a xian he already debated me about this very topic (see his site). What's the difference between biblical prophecies and Nostradamus'? See also Jewish websites, e.g.: http://www.MessiahTruth.com.


If you want to discuss topics I recommend you to use existing/proper threads. Newbies have the tendency to start a lot of different topics in just one thread. That clouds issues often severely.


Pecularities in xianity

I started several threads about pecularities in xianity. About the concept God/Jesus being a Genuine Man, A misunderstood concept in xianity, about that he didn't experience how to beg for forgiveness, or being to weak to resist temptation, or to be just wrong about some things. Was Jesus indeed a real man?


Punishment of moral acts are tackled in this topic. Human use verbal reprimands to teach their kids in general. Doesn't god know how to raise/educate us? In the second post the concept that the greatness of the victim stands for the severity of the punishment is questioned. Why would transgressions against A be punished more severly than against B? That's senseless, isn't it? Why isn't that senseless for xians when A = God?


This thread handles the concept that a third party can punish someone that commited a crime against someone else. If we have a depraved and corrupt nature, shouldn't god punish us less in stead of more?


And what about Forgiveness by Thirds? This is even stranger than punishment by a third party. It says that someone can be forgiven - not by its victim - but by some third party! That's of course not what forgiveness is. The transgressor is still not forgiven by his/her victim. Someone can't forgive in stead of someone else.


Other religions

What is the difference between xianity and other religions? Don't moslims have faith, do they doubt, are they not honest? (some post)


There are of course many other topics discussed. Evolution, abiogenesis, the Kalaam Cosmological Argument, areligious ethics, free will, etcetera. Maybe I will categorize them over some time.



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