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I am mega-pissed! I found out last night that my 19 year old Sophomore-in-college daughter, who had 3 tests and a student loan appointment yesterday, had traveled 130 miles to another college to pick up a high school friend, instead of studying for the tests. Her reason – “JC was crying and very unhappy!” She brought her friend back to her school and after taking the tests that she did not study for, blew off the appointment because, “JC would have to be left alone”. I lost it! I seldom cuss and almost never cuss around or at my girls, but my exact words were, “Fuck JC and fuck the horse she fucking rode in on! You are not her mother, nor are you her sister! I do not see her offering you money for your education and she sure the hell didn’t take your fucking tests for you!” My daughter said, “Well, I took my fucking tests (first time she has ever cussed around me)!” I told her, “Well, you had better not only have passed them, but with no less than a high C, because otherwise your car is coming home, along with your cell phone and your computer. If you aren’t going to take your education seriously, then I see no reason for me to take it seriously and provide these luxuries, GOOD BYE!” I probably shouldn’t have gone ballistic, but she was showing how little consideration she has for her education and in a way her parents. Hopefully this will have the effect that I want, since she has seldom seen me mad, I am usually the pushover, the one who takes up for her.



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