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Interesting sites




A short compilation of different interesting sites.



If you really want to study what you believe in I can recommend Early Christian Writings and Historical Jesus Theories on the same site. The Early Jewish Writings equivalent is up too.



If you want to study Evolution Theory I can refer to the EvC Forum where chemisists biologists etc. are posting. The electronic database PubMed can provide you with scientific articles regarding countless biological/evolutional studies. General physical issues can be studied on Physics Forums.


Religion and no religion

And sites regarding xianity vs non-xianity. The rejection of Pascal's Wager, Jesus Never Existed, Who is this King of Glory? [A.B. Kuhn], Messiah Truth, especially the "Knowing your orchard part" where xian prophecy fulfillments are handled, Positive Atheism.


Studying all these different issues will maybe help to judge the Orwellian doublethink facets of certain kinds of xianity. And there are a lot of offside topics too. What about humour? What about God as a Oscar winner trying to demonstrate justice...? For what? Lots of this kind of articles abound on the web and someone can read along and judge for him/herself.



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