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Keeping In Good Health and Sexuality




I believe in evolution, but I think now that Intelligent Design by some Deity has occured. Only that it does things up to 50% to get things started and then leaves it or lets it go on it's own.


To observe how it will find the means of staying healthy and appreciating the subtle things in life.


But then also? This Observation to me as I see it doesn't show me there is a God as concerned about us so much as to provide the things that would keep life in yearning and harmony. But causes conflict and bias. Like Entertainment my be going for this cynical Deity.


I will try to find the subtle and then see if this Evil Deity will get what it deserves not providing me my ideas of aesthetics from Nature. Clouds, Rain, Fog and a good looking gal. This elusvie behavior in the maze for me, has be wicked in every way to avoid human deceptions of cults and religions.


The secret might be in finding what is of good health for us. Which even as I have struggled with it, haven't had all the answers. Maybe since this new insight has come to me. I will observe the outcome for which I am noticing of such.



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