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Lunacy? In the literal sense I trust...




Well, well. Some hard months I can look back on. But it looks like they were worth it.


I sneaked my way into my new workplace with quite some success. Earlier today, after our monthly team meeting, I asked my boss about the possibility to occupy one of the vacant places that will open next year.

You know, for months without end we cursed the user management of the Volkswagen bank for being... well... either too dumb or too lazy to do their work. Now, in today's team meeting, we heard "by the way, we'll take over the user management next year". wicked.gif

Anyway, I asked my boss if it seems possible for me to assume responsibility for assigning user rights et cetera for the host applications of the bank. I fully expected a "No, you're new to my team and the EHD team (which I am a part of) is still undercrewed".

What I heard was "Not at the moment, I still need you in the EHD. You've become a valuable asset to that group and I can't yet afford to lose you completely. But part-time work, split between EHD and user management, looks possible to me". blink.gifsmile.gif

Oh well, I know that I'm pretty much the best English-speaker in my entire team, so yes, it would hurt if the EHD team would have to get by without me. After all, if the password coordinators from the UK, Ireland, Japan, Singapore, China, Turkey et cetera can call any moment, you want someone available who at least has not much of a problem talking to someone who speaks only English. But that I'm a "valuable asset" was something I didn't dare to hope. wink.gif


And what does all this have to do with "lunacy"?


Well... it's kind of funny. In this year's early July, the possibility first showed up on the horizon that I might be able to leave my old team at Auto5000 for the VW bank in nearby Braunschweig. New moon.

Then it was decided that this wouldn't be possible. Just after full moon.

Suddenly another position at the bank opened for me to jump in. New moon.


Now look at your preferred moon phase calender. What's the time of the lunar month today when I just heard that I might soon rise to a position of responsibility?

New moon again.


Aaaah, it's those things that make you wonder, ain't it? firedevil.gif



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