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Woes of script-writing.




Hello my blogreaders.


A few things pissed me off today. Right now I'm going to talk about one of them.


First things first. Flash back a year or so ago. I came up with an idea for a play. I shared my idea with a couple of friends from my theatre troupe and we all mapped out a script. My friend Leslie wrote up the first draft. It was Gawd-awful and needed a total revamp. That's where I came in. I basically rewrote the entire play and I must say that it was a great piece of work. Sure, it probably needed some beefing up but it was tons better than Leslie's.


The script was sent to the head of the theatre troupe and he gave the go-ahead for production. However, he wanted to add a few things and change some stuff around. Fine. By this time I had moved away, so I wasn't going to have any part of the production process. However, I would have been more than happy with adding stuff to the script and sending it back to them.


Well, my friend Jo (who helped with the prewriting of the script and is the director of the play) and Leslie converged my version of the script with Leslie's version. I was hesitant to let that happen but I said okay. Keep in mind that my name is on the script as well as theirs. They didn't send me a copy of the script after they converged the two versions so I didn't know exactly how it played out. They gave the script back to the head of the troupe and he said it still needed some work.


Jo then had Perry, a performer who has a role in the play, look over the script. He rewrote some parts and the script was again changed.


Well, I got the final draft of the script and skimmed through it today. Almost none of the things I wrote in the script were left in it. The script is basically entirely new. Sure, there are few sentences here and there but it's way different than what I had mind and what I had written. I don't even understand why my name is even on it. It's not my play; it's Jo, Leslie's and Perry's.


So what should I do? Should I risk a friendship and call Jo and Leslie on this? Or should I move on and let it be? I'll probably choose the latter.


One thing is for sure, though: my next play will be written by me alone. I'm going to read this whole script from beginning to end and map out a sequel. I can at least continue the story my way; it was my idea to begin with.


Until next time,




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